5 Ways to Easily Manage Your COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate at Work

COVID-19 Nov 3, 2021

The pandemic has changed how we perform daily tasks. Face masks and hand sanitiser are now essentials we always have with us and easy access to your COVID-19 vaccine certificate at work and on the go is becoming crucial.

If you’re heading out and about or back into the workplace, keeping your covid certificate on hand may not be top of mind, but you’ll likely need it from the time you leave the house until you get home. So we’re rounding up five ways that you can manage your COVID-19 vaccine certificate at work.

Why You Need To Manage Your COVID Vaccine Status

As the country starts opening back up again, people are getting use to flashing their proof of vaccination in order to enter a premises. Unfortunately, a screenshot of your digital wallet sent via email is not going to be good enough when your status has to be reviewed ongoing. If you’re waiting to start a new job, send your child to daycare or even book into a hotel, it’s becoming more and more likely you will need a safe and secure way to send your vaccine information so it can be viewed beyond setting foot in a door.

How To Manage Your COVID Vaccine Evidence

Managing your COVID certificate at work is easier than you think. These are five options that you can use depending on your workplace requirements that make it quick and easy to find your COVID certificate.

1. MyGov

The easiest way to access your COVID certificate at work is through the myGov portal. You can decide to print your COVID certificate or download a copy to send it wherever it needs to go. If you do choose to provide a copy, be sure to cover or remove the Individual Healthcare Identity number to protect yourself and the recipient from any privacy risks.

2. Express Plus Medicare App

Another option t is the ‘Express Plus Medicare’ app. It’s easy to set up with your Medicare account after downloading the app. You can use your digital Medicare account to access for your COVID certificate at work.

3. Your State Provided Apps

Some states in Australia have a dedicated COVID safe app. For example, New South Wales operates the ‘Service NSW App’ that you can use to show your COVID certificate at work to check in or when entering a premises.Where available, these tools are great to show your status if you visit different sites or meet with a range of external people for work as they act like a ticket for approved and safe entry to a location.

4.The Digital Wallet on Your Smart Phone

Most of us have everything from our credit cards to drivers licenses in our iPhone or Google wallets. So if you have a myGov account, you can save your digital COVID certificate to your Digital Wallet. It creates a simplified version of the certificate that you can show in 1:1 settings or when entering a venue.

5. A Credential Management App Like CredShare

If you need to securely provide your vaccine evidence beyond a point of entry – like to an employer or education institution,  you can keep track of your COVID certificate using a credential management app. The right app will allow you to encrypt and securely hold all your credentials in one place, making it easy to stay on top of everything.

CredShare also offers a unique sharing method that only provides the key credential data to another party. This way your status is confirmed but you haven’t risked your private information by creating a copy or trusting an employer to store that copy correctly.

Having your COVID-19 vaccine certificate handy at work is becoming a requirement as more businesses or their clients are subject to vaccine mandates. With these five options, you’ll always have your COVID certificate within just a few clicks.

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