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Automate Manual Processes

Supports many types of licences and creds all on one platform so everything is at the ready - anytime, anywhere.
Store licences securely in one single place
Maintain your people's licences in a single click

Use Time Wisely

Focus on your people not paperwork
Offload admin staff to work on other stuff
Focus on revenue generating activities

Security + Encryption + Ease

Encrypt and secure your data with our technology
Get an overview of cred compliance via a clear dashboard
ISO 27001 Accredited, hyper secured AWS Cloud.

A Solution tailored for You!

Integrates smoothly with your CRMs and regulators on a secure AWS platform, proven to cut admin costs up to 80%. CredShare.

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How It Works

Integrate with your system, effortlessly locate and validate your team's credentials directly with regulatory bodies, and set your compliance to autopilot mode!


Step 1

Connect CredShare with your internal systems.

Step 2

Direct link between CredShare and regulatory authorities.

Step 3

Automate updates directly to your systems.