Our Story

We hate wasting time on needlessly complicated admin and compliance.

Everyone is short on time in their personal and professional lives, and no one wants to spend what precious little they have digging up documents, or tracking down testamurs.

Born from the brain of one exasperated tradie who was sick of chasing licenses, IDs and contracts for himself and his team, we’ve come a long way in our quest to make paperwork less painful.

Today we’re focused on collating and connecting your credentials with those who need to see them in a way that is simple, straightforward and secure.

With a view to building a seamless flow of verified credentials between issuers (like governments and universities), individuals (just like you) and institutions (like banks or employers), we’re working hard to make effortless admin and compliance a reality.

Our Team

Rowan Galbraith
Non-Executive Chairman
Barry Bloch
Non-Executive Director
Kyla Jones
Non-Executive Director
Hugh Robertson
Non-Executive Director
Andrew McMillan
Managing Director / CEO
Kerry Tate
Head of Growth and Partnerships
Grame Barty
Head of Issuing Authorities
Oscar Omegna
Chief Technology Officer
Maddison Rawson-Webb
Head of Marketing & Individuals Growth

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We’re always on the hunt for people who are passionate about finding better ways to get things done. We’d love to hear from you.

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