Paperwork Is A Pain , So We Fixed It

Your life is made up of all these important bits of paper, and people who need to see them.

Banks, insurers, your employers and more all want different combinations of your identity, financial, professional and medical credentials. Most of the time they want them straight away.

Ditch the filing cabinet and quit the back and forth with HR. Compile all your important info and get it to those who need it with the push of a button.

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With the CredShare App

All your info is safely in one place and in a format that lets you grant and remove access for anyone, anytime.

COLLATE all your credentials. Access them whenever, wherever

BUNDLE your documents into a CredPack™️ to complete complex tasks faster

SHARE your credentials safely and easily

UPDATE your licenses and certificates on time. Get notified when things are expiring

PROTECT your privacy. Remove access to your creds when your needs change

Designed With You In Mind

We’re on a mission to help you get things done safer, faster, better. We want to make credential management easy for everyone that’s why the CredShare app is free to use forever.

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Still Have Questions?

We’re always keen to chat about how CredShare could help you and your team Get in touch today.

We're Seriously Secure

We take your security seriously. All data is 100% encrypted (no one sees it without your consent) and our systems pass regular, stringent, and independent security testing.Mercury Information Security Service
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What our members say about CredShare
Stefan Measey
“It was easy for our team members to share their credentials. CredShare has streamlined our compliance management. So now we always know what credentials are current, what is expiring and what is missing.”
Stefan Measey
Scheduler / Estimator, Harleys Complete Plumbing Service

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